About Us

The New Way to Data Science. Predictive Analytics. Computational Biology. Machine Learning. Statistical Inference. Regression Models. Bioinformatics. Remote Sensing. Data-driven Apps. Research.

Data Analytics

Helping organizations take intelligent and informed decisions based on analytics derived from historical data.

Predictive Modeling

Exploit available data and create statistical models, allowing organizations to predict future events and different scenarios.

Machine Learning

Make computers learn from historical data, and act without gettting any instructions - exactly what we human beings do everyday.

Regression Models

Estimate relationship between output variable and predictors, hence predicting value of output variable from predictors.

Statistical Analysis

Transform raw data into proper format and find meaningful statistics for organizations to infer better conclusions.

Exploratory Analysis

Help clients analyze their data and understand key characteristics of data through visual analytics.

Who We Are

Shukka Methods is a data science company, providing data analytics, machine learning and predictive services to public and private research laboratories, finance, banking and healthcare sectors. Our vision is to help business leaders, research scientists and organizations to take wise and informed decisions based on knowledge and learning from historical data. We strive for excellence by committing our unique background, skills and experience in data science.

Data Science
Machine Learning
Predictive Analytics
Regression Models