GIS and Remote Sensing

Customized Services

Apart from different individual tasks we also provides the complete operational framework mechanism of remote sensing based monitoring and assessment of various biosphere related biophysical parameters, urban monitoring and as well as post disaster (earthquakes, floodings) mapping/monitoring. Our services specially focus on but not limited to the following;

Tools development and products:

  • Remote sensing decision decision support system
  • Land use land cover maps
  • Change detection maps
  • Flood mapping
  • Urban monitoring and mapping
  • Precision agriculture farming
  • Inter and intra field yield variation mapping
  • Forest cover map


  • Feasibility study
  • Scientific review of particular application/technology
  • Determine the potential of remote sensing application in certain field


  • Remote sensing and GIS training
  • Designing course outline (syllabus)


Apart from algorithm development in both open source and commercial scripting languages/libraries, we also use commercial and open source toolbox.